Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wild Turkey Surprise

Dee and I were hoping to sleep in a little today. We had dinner with our friends Dave & AJ last night, and we returned home in time to watch the end of the third period of the Game 5 of Predators-Red Wings game. The Wings pummeled the Preds, outshooting them throughout the game. The score was 1-0, Detroit, leading up to the penultimate moment in the game. With about 1:15 remaining, Nashville pulled their goalie and had six attackers. The Wings never got control of the puck and with 43.4 seconds before the end of the game, the Predators scored. The game went into sudden death overtime. Needless to say, our nerves were a little shot because the Wings are clearly the better team, but they had run into a hot rookie goalie in front of the net for the Predators. Well, Johan Franzen allowed us to enjoy the end of the evening as he stole the puck from one of the Predators, skated into the offensive zone and scored 1:42 into overtime. Now the series shifts back to Nashville for Game Six. The kicker is that in Game Four, the Wings were less than 5 minutes away from taking a 3-1 lead in the series when they stopped attacking. 9 seconds and two goals later, the Preds won Game Four.

You might be wondering, how does the ending of Game Five relate to the Wild Turkey Surprise? Well, Dee and I stayed up until past 11 o'clock PM, which is late for us, to see the end of the game and a few minutes of the Stars-Ducks game. We took Samson out one more time before we went to bed and we were looking forward to sleeping in a little on Saturday morning. Samson had another plan.

It was a delightfully cool night, so we opened our new window to allow for fresh air to waft into our home. Samson settled into his crate for the night and Dee and I feel asleep soon thereafter. A little before 6AM, Samson was up and
agitated, and we did not know why. I got up and took him to the back door. I looked out our back slider window and saw why Samson was so spun up. A wild turkey was in the middle of our yard. Wild turkeys are aggressive and nasty birds and I was not about to let Samson out to chase the bird. Samson was beside himself as there was an intruder in his yard. Dee managed to take Samson out, using a leash, to the front of our house. I grabbed Dee's Nikon and snapped a few pictures of the wild turkey before she ran away to an adjacent back yard. This is one large bird!


John said...

Geaux Dux !!

Lisa and Gary... said...

So, I'm thinking Thanksgiving is at your house this year? :-)

Actually, they're probably not very tasty. At least by the looks of 'em.

Weather looks wonderful in The Enchanted Mitten.


Paul's Blog said...

Actually, I have heard that wild turkey is quite palatable. Now, I just have to convince the city of East Grand Rapids that it is OK for me to hunt in my backyard...

Deirdre said...

That is just FREAKISH to me. Wild turkeys?? Jeez.

Lisa and Gary... said...

Just heard the coyotes yowling. Now THAT'S freakish.

Seems like they might be a bit gamey. The turkeys, not the coyotes.


Michael said...

Wild turkey sightings are pretty common here in the suburbs west of Boston. In fact, I had a group of 4 wander through the back yard last fall.

Dan said...

I'll be glad to lend you one of my shotguns and outdoor cooker :-)