Sunday, April 20, 2008

Joining GE is a lot like joining the Navy...

General Electric is a pretty techie company. It makes lots of extremely high technology stuff so it is not surprising that most of its hiring process is on line. After I accepted the position of Engineering Manager with GE, I was instructed to wait five business days and then to try to logon to a corporate website to begin the processes to start work in 28 April. Before my first day at work, I have to go to two websites to either download forms that require my signature, or to read corporate policy regarding illicit drugs, terms of employment, etc.

Last week I subjected to a drug test. My hire is contingent upon me passing the test. Thankfully, I did not start using marijuana or opiates after I retired from the Navy! I then waited the aforementioned five business days and yesterday I attempted to logon to the GE Employee's website. As if it was according to Hoyle, my GE employee logon was activated and started to enter all the information needed by GE in preparation for my first day at work.

Sure, it has been a while since I started a job with a new company. OK, it has been 22 years. I had forgotten about all the documents one needs to fill out prior to starting work, and all of the administrative requirements reminded me a lot of forms I had to fill out through out my Navy career. A brief summary of the things I needed to either fill out on line or print out and fax to a GE HR Center:

- I-9
- Beneficiary Designation
- Federal W4
- Michigan W4
- GE Employee PIN Designation
- Conflict of Interest Form
- Backup Withholding form

This is just a partial list of the things I need to do before I start to work for General Electric. I have more work to do on line today in preparation for my first day on the job. As is sometimes said, "It's all good." I am really looking forward to starting with the company.

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Welcome to the NFL, rookie