Sunday, February 10, 2013

Samson in his element

February is generally a harsh month in Michigan.  It can snow, it can ran, it can be warm, it can be frigid.  This is what we in the Enchanted Mitten have come to expect in the February.

Samson, as ever, rolls with the punches in February.  He is non-plussed about the weather February.  Rain, snow or shine, he simply does what he does best.  He enjoys himself.

Chewing a stick

Notice that he belly down in the snow.  He sorta prefers it that way.  He also loves to chase a cloth frisbee in the snow.  

Catching some air

Catching more air

Returning with his frisbee
He simply cannot get enough of the snow.

About to catch his prize

Here he is resting int he snow to get ready to chase and catch the frisbee once again...

Complete with snow on his snout

It takes a lot of energy for Samson to be Samson.