Thursday, April 3, 2008

The search continues...

I met with Jerry from GE today for lunch. He is one of the division leaders and he wanted to meet me and talk to me about a position he needs to fill. I met him at 11:30AM and we went to a local restaurant for our meal. Jerry did mot of the talking at first, telling me about the position and what he was expecting me to do in it. He asked me a few questions about the things I had done in the Navy, and I gave him a few examples of projects and programs I oversaw during my career. I asked Jerry a string of questions about the position and what he expected. We were at the restaurant for darn near two hours, and I think that I made a very favorable impression upon him. Based on the last phone call I had from GE earlier in the week, I sort of thought that that this interview was a final "fit test" by him, but that was not the case. Jerry told me that he had to review the applications of two internal candidates. Jerry also told me that he would be out of town all next week, so the earliest that he would come to a decision would be the week after next. So, I wait to hear from GE.

However, before I met with GE, I had a call from Bob at Gentex. I had applied for a position with this company, based in Zeeland, on Sunday and I was sort of surprised how quickly I heard back from the company. Bob was very pleasant and was quite interested in what I had done in the Navy. He had my resume in front of him and he said to me, "You are over-qualified for the position you applied for. However, I have over 60 open positions and I want to try to find a good fit for you here. Usually, when will bring people in for an interview, we will find that they are better suited for a different position. I will shop your resume around to a few of the directors and VPs here. I think that you would be a great addition to Gentex. Can you give me a call back in a week or so, if I do not call you first?"

Bob seemed genuinely interested in my knowledge, skills and ability and while I wait for the GE issue to unfold, I plan on contacting Gentex mid-week or so. Yep, it is never a dull moment here in the western edges of the Enchanted Mitten!

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