Sunday, April 13, 2008

On the clock...

Since I have accepted a position with GE Aviation, my time to dither and dather around the house is fast coming to an end. I have been looking at my honey-doo list and I am prioritizing the things I need to do in the course of the next two weeks. Top dead center project is repainting our guest bedroom. When we moved in here in 2001, I painted the room a color that can be best described as dusty rose. The color we selected in Home Depot looked nothing like what I applied to the walls that day long ago. We settled in the color because at the time we thought we would repaint it soon. Well, soon turned into seven years and now is a good time to right the wrong of dusty rose. There was some minor collateral damage done to the wall in that bedroom when our main bathroom was remodeled, so there is a streak of spackle and dry wall mud along one of the walls. Thus, now is the time to get the room ready for our next visitor. We will be purchasing Olympic paint for the ceiling and the walls. The plan is to paint the ceiling and edges white this morning, and then attack the walls this afternoon once the ceiling is dry. It is all about the process, baby!


Bob said...


Congratulations on your new position at GE.
In regards to GE stock tanking last week, they'll just be getting in shape and down to their fighting weight. ;)


Paul's Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words. I was sort of hoping that my hiring had nothing to do with GE Common Stock tanking on Friday!

I am looking forward to getting back to work. Dee will lose her chauffeur, so she is a little sad about it. ;->


Lisa and Gary... said...

Dusty Rose had its day, but that day is gone. Bring on the neutrals!


Gary said...

Congratulations, Paul! That sounds like a great job! Sure beats commuting to Chicago, huh?