Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring has sprung in the Enchanted Mitten

Nothing says spring here in the Motherland like warmer days, muddy grass and Bell's Oberon Beer. It is a Spring and Summer beer, best enjoyed cold. Tonight for dinner, I fired up our grill and cooked a couple of rib eye steaks and enjoyed a bottle of Oberon. Life agrees with us here in the Enchanted Mitten.


Henry said...

You're behind the times. I fired up the grilled, cooked steaks, and some fine Oberon on Saturday night. Let's get with the program :-)
Grass Dr.

Lisa and Gary... said...

Please send Oberon! In lieu of same, please petition the former Kalamazoo Brewing Company to make their fine product available west of the Rocky Mountains. Or, at the very least, at my local Scottsdale Safeway!


Paul's Blog said...

I will take that as an order!

Your Humble Servant,
The Soon to be Employed Sven