Friday, April 18, 2008

Samson in the ground cover

Samson has been expressing himself more and more now that the snow has left this area of the Enchanted Mitten. He loves to run through his yard, as well as our neighbor's yard, and look for vermin. In our neighbor's yard there is an oak tree with some ground cover encircling the tree. Recently, Samson has found it fun to waltz through the ground cover and look for lost tennis balls. He simply loves to plop down in the ground cover, relax and take in the world. He also likes to keep an eye open for squirrels and wild turkeys!


Deirdre said...

Of course, it helps that Fuzzy Girlfriend lives there, too. ;)

lisa said...

What a handsome guy he is!! I see that he likes to lay in the yard and survey his kingdom. Edgar just likes to sit under his tree. No really, he is probably looking for a squirrel to chase. Edgar actually caught one. He was throwing it in the air and stomping on it when I realized what he had. I had to retrieve it. Yuck!