Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday will be a busy day East of the Equator...

Yep, today is going to be interesting. I am patiently waiting for a call from GE regarding the possibility of employment with the company. Yesterday, my next door neighbor called me (he is on vacation in California) and asked me if I could fax a couple of documents to his accountant. I will need to contact his accountant, find out what he needs and then transmit the documents to him.

There is also the issue of another job interview for me. A few months ago, I applied for the position of Director of the National Passport
Information Center (NPIC). NPIC is located in Lansing and the job looked interesting, plus I was just starting my job search. OK, truth be told, I was halfway through the second bathroom remodeling project and I applied for the job on a whim. I am fortunate enough to have something the job requires: a current government security clearance. Anyway, 10 days ago Amanda from the State Department called me and asked me if I was still interested in the position. Since I had received a grand total of zero job offers to date, I told Amanda that I was still interested in the position. Last week, Amanda called me again and confirmed my interview date and time (2PM on 7 April). A little after noon today I will hit the road for Lansing, go the National Passport Information Center and interview for the job. Full report to follow after this interview

Yes, it is never a dull moment East of the Equator in the Enchanted Mitten.

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