Monday, February 20, 2012

I have shoes older than some of my co-workers...

I am almost four years into my second career following twenty-two years of service in the Navy.  I started working for GE Aviation in April, 2008.  It has been quite an experience making the transition from the military to a civilian employer, and I have learned a lot.  

For the most part, I am older than the people who work for me.  I have a couple of employees who are my age, but most of my direct reports are younger than me.

Here was a conversation I had recently with a co-worker:

Me: I was so disappointed when my cobbler moved.
Co-worker: What?
Me: There was a a cobbler near my house and he moved to Byron Center (Byron Center is about 10 miles away from where he used to have his shop).  I have been going to him for almost 10 years to work on my shoes.
Co-worker: You have a cobbler?
Me: Yes.  I have had some of my shoes for over a decade.  
Co-worker: Really?  I don't think I have ever owned a pair of shoes more than a couple of years.
Me: I have a pair of shoes I have re-soled more times than I can remember.  The shoes I am wearing today I bought in 1978.  I wore them for my high school graduation ceremony.
Co-worker: I was born in 1980.

Then, it hit me.  I have shoes older than some of my co-workers.  

I must admit that I am a little funny about my shoes.  I keep them clean, I polish them about once a week.  More often when needed.  Which is why, I suppose, I have shoes I wear to work that are older than some of my co-workers.

The tassel loafers above have been part of my life since 1990.  I purchased them just before I started graduate school.  I have no idea how many times I have had them re-soled.

I picked these loafers up last weekend from my new cobbler.  He did a great job with my old friends:

I wore them to work today and one of my other co-workers asked me, "How often do you polish your shoes?"

I replied, "Once a week, maybe more if needed."

His shoes looked like they were last polished with a rock.

Yep.  I am kind of funny about my shoes.  I suppose that there are worse vices to have.