Friday, April 25, 2008

Requiem for Sven

Today was the last weekday of my first retirement. On Monday, I start my second career with General Electric. Dee told me that I have been acting like Sven in a Verizon Wireless commercial. In the Verizon commercial, Sven oversaw the actions of a family. Sven would brief each family member on what they could expect during the day, let them know if their stock was up or down. You get the idea. Well, I have been serving Deirdre like Sven the past few months. All of that will change on Monday. I will no longer be able to drive her to work or meet her for lunch, as I will be pretty busy with GE. Thus, Sven is dead, and Paul is back in battery!


Lisa and Gary... said...

Long live the memory of Sven.


John said...

Don't forget to put the proper cover sheets on your TPS reports.

Deirdre said...

Henry (at work) keeps telling me,"boy is YOUR life going to change...." I fear that he is right.