Monday, April 28, 2008

Day One of a New Adventure

This morning I reported for work at GE Aviation and I am happy to report that today was a good day. As directed, I showed up at 8:15AM and met the receptionist. I told him that I was a new hire, he thrust out his hand and said to me, "Welcome to GE! Can I see your proof of citizenship, please?" I showed him my passport to confirm my identity and ability to work in the US, and he then directed me to Security a few doors down. Tom from Security was at his desk, and I once again had to show him passport, then he directed me to a place behind the counter where I could be photographed for my GE Employee badge. All GE employees are required to display their employee badge whenever they are at work. I smiled for my photo, was handed a sporty blue lanyard to wear around my neck with the badge attached to it. I returned to the front foyer of the reception area where I waited for on of the HR reps to come collect me.

Just a few moments after I sat down in the reception area, Stacey from HR showed up and welcomed me to the company. She then led me back to her offices, where she went over the paperwork I had filled out prior to me arrival, and she gave me a few more forms to fill out and signed. In about 30 minutes I had completed all of the required documents, and I then waited for my new boss to come get me. After a brief wait, Hank arrived and he, too welcomed me to GE. We walked up to the third floor were he showed me my desk. Hank then took me back downstairs where I joined a training class in progress. I spent the rest of the morning in this class, and I met a few of my new co-workers. The class ended a little before noon, and then my "transition buddy," Larry, led me and a few other people out to lunch at a nearby restaurant. I dined on some Hunan Beef, and soon thereafter we were back at GE to finish the rest of my transition events.

We returned to our spaces where I found a new laptop computer waiting for me. I was given the logon information and in a few minutes I was able to access the computer and open my new work e-mail account. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my computer accounts established, as well as attending to more administrative actions, such as ordering business cards, signing up for a travel charge card, etc.

Time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to call it a day. My first day at GE was an unqualified success. I am signed up for lots of training classes over the course of the next three months, and I will start some on-line training tomorrow. Life agrees with me.


Henry said...

I thought you were going to running at lunch. Hunan Beef will not prepare you for the River Bank Run. :-)

Paul's Blog said...

I am running at night after I get home! I do not have enough time at lunch to squeeze in a 3 mile run.

Deirdre said...

And SOMEONE has to cook dinner... jeez, my life changed!! ;)

Henry said...

Yeah, but at least you'll be cooking in a fabulous new kitchen!!