Friday, November 30, 2007

HD has been installed!

Well, it took three and a half days, way too many phone calls, a few e-mails and two tech visits, but our TV now has an High Definition box. All of this happened because I went to another blog and vented about my frustrations with Comcast. Well, this morning I had two calls from local Comcast reps, Judy in Service and Jill in Billing, and all is now right again with the world. I also spoke to Frank Eliason (a Comcast executive in Philadelphia) who apologized for all the hassle I had with getting this relatively simple installation done. Frank told me that my problem was discussed with "at the executive level" and that they are taking steps to prevent this from happening again.


John said...

Thank we can get back to Samson posts !!!

Lisa and Gary... said...

And they all lived happily ever after. Whew...I was starting to think you might have to revert to rabbit ears.

Enjoy the HD!


Steve said...

Wow, that seems like a complex solution to a very simple problem. Perhaps Occam's razor should be applied here Mr. Goldberg: DirecTV!