Saturday, November 17, 2007


Our rescue dog, Samson, has been quite a handful the past few days. He tried to bite me a couple of times and he was always trying to the dominate both of us. Sammy was abandoned a few months ago (he is 11-12 months old) so he developed some habits that we need to correct. A professional dog trainer come pay us a visit this morning to help us evaluate Sammy's personality. Well, I am happy to report that the trainer told us that Sammy is a well adjusted dog and shows a great deal of intelligence We made tremendous progress today in our training with him and the future with him looks bright.


Lisa and Gary... said...

It appears Samson's people are also highly intelligent beings. Glad to hear there is hope on the horizon for your pack of three. Sigh of relief from The Valley of the Sun!


Deirdre said...

Thanks Lisa,

Sigh of relief from the cold and wet rain/sleet/mix capital. :)

John said...

Sunny and nice in SoCal :^)