Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, we are on Day Four of our time with Samson and the results are mixed. There are times that he obeys our commands but there are other times that he completely ignores us. He still shows a lot of separation anxiety and he hates it when Deirdre or I are behind a closed door. He is fearful and aggressive towards other dogs, and we are concerned about him being around children. Tomorrow we are meeting with a dog trainer to see if we can "fix" some of his bad habits. He is currently sleeping at my feet. I have done my best the past few days to keep him busy with lots of walks and play time. He certainly loves to chew rubber bones and other toys!

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Lisa and Gary... said...

Handsome lad, that Samson. Hopefully things will go well with the trainer on Saturday and you guys will have some idea what it will take to make Sammie fly right.

Thank you, Paul, for all the words of comfort and prayers you and Dee offered to us over the last several days. It has been a tough week and now we will grieve with the hope of healing our wounded hearts. Rex is in a far better place. He looked so sad and defeated when I visited with him Thursday afternoon. It was no way to live for a dog who spent the better part of his day bounding off furniture and chasing any bird who flew within his protected airspace. He was a live wire, so to see him unable to walk or sit up was the antithesis of Rex. We miss him and all his "foibles," as Dee put it. He was full of those, but we miss him nonetheless.

We'll say a prayer for Samson, too. He has had a tough go at life so far. Let us know what the trainer has to say.