Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween in East Grand Rapids is always a big event and last night was no different. By 6PM, Dee and I set up our fire pit, put out our pumpkins and waited for the ghosts, ghouls and goblins to drop by for a trick or a treat. The evening started out slowly with a few kids begging for candy by 6:15PM or so, and then the rain came. Brief showers were in the forecast, but we were hoping that it would at least be dry.

The rain was intermittent and by 6:45PM the rain had past through and then the trick-or-treaters came out in force. I bought three large bags of candy and we handed out all but a few pieces of it. We must have been visited by more than 75 children last night, so it was a success. We also handed out Jell-O shooters to the adults who expressed an interest in one.

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Lisa and Gary... said...

Looks like the Hallowed Eve was a great success in EGR. We had but a handful so I have loads of candy left. Tiny Kat was a "silly" witch...not a "wicked" witch, mind you, because wicked witches are wicked and make her eyes get all big and anxious looking. Silly witches are nice and sweet and make you laugh, so they're ok! She went to probaby 20 houses. She has more candy than a 2 year old should consume in an entire lifetime.

No rain in The Valley of the Sun for Halloween. In fact, Gary put the candy in the fridge for a little while because it was...melting! Ugh!!

No Jell-O shooters, either. So, essentially, the night was a bust. Glad you guys had a good time.