Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Comcast... it just gets better!

Well, Comcast has struck us once again. While Dee and I were out to lunch, some guy named Robert from Comcast called to inform us that the credit card information supplied by us was not longer valid and that our bill was now past due. Funny, the other two services we pay using Dee's credit card (Verizon & AT&T) had no problem this month had no problem billing Dee's credit card for their services. I spent well over an hour on the phone with Comcast trying to sort all of this out. The customer service representative told me that the only way she can communicate with the Comcast billing department is via e-mail. According to Lorraine, the Comcast billing department does not accept phone calls. I said to Lorraine, "You are a communications company and you are telling me that you cannot communicate with another department within your company?" Lorraine told me, "Yes, that is correct." She was able to tell me that according to the Comcast billing department, Dee's credit card expired in October, 2007 and that is why thy could not bill us. Again, I told Lorraine about how Verizon and AT&T were able to bill her card with no problems.

Lorraine was able to help us pay our bill over the phone (and she graciously waived the $4 fee for this privilege) and she told me that a supervisor would call me back within an hour. Well, it has been precisely one hour and 21 minutes since I said goodbye to Lorraine and nobody has called me. What drives me to distraction about Comcast is that they are the only game in town for us. It is not like I can go to Cox for my internet service. Serenity now, serentity now...

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