Thursday, November 29, 2007


For those of you who have been following my trails and tribulations with Comcast, yesterday afternoon I was told by one of the company's customer service technicians (Lorraine) that a supervisor would call me back "within one hour" of the end of my phone call with her to tell me why they screwed up the automatic bill payment we had set up and that they arbitrarily canceled. I asked her, "When you say an hour, is that an hour in real time, or is this a Comcast hour? In my previous line of work, there was "real time" and "maintenance time." A maintenance hour was invariably a lot longer than 60 minutes. Lorraine assured me that within 60 minutes a supervisor would call me regarding this issue. Well, it has now been 21 hours and 11 minutes since I ended my conversation with Lorraine and I have yet to hear from anyone at Comcast. Today is also the day that our HDTV box is to be delivered to us. As of this posting, nothing has arrived for us.


John said...

Dial up ROCKS !!!

Lisa and Gary... said...

Comcast must, must, MUST come through for you. I mean, for pete's sake, you're not getting any younger!!!

Happy Birthday, Commander. Hope all your birthday wishes come true!


Henry said...

Lighten up, would you??? Besides, you're retired, life should move at a slower pace :-)

AND -- It's your birthday and DeeDee is cooking for you at Roses, how much better could it get?

Paul's Blog said...

That's cold! :-)

Still no HDTV box, or call from Comcast.

For the record, I am having a fantastic birthday!