Saturday, December 1, 2007

Navy 38 Army 3

Today was the annual Army-Navy game. The Midshipmen beat up on the Cadets, pretty much having their way with them for the sixth victory in a row. I received a text message from a friend during the game who wrote, "Army navy hard to beat. No BS taunting etc just fball." I could not agree more. At the end of this game, all the seniors went from being rivals to being comrades in arms forever. Go Navy! Beat Army!


John said...

Yay !!!

But Army DID win the pep rally


Birch Bayou said...

That was a great game to culminate a great season. They make me proud!!!!
Kirk, USNA '87

Cara said...

Shawn and I had a blast at the game!

John said...

Navy wins... Ohio State back in the National Championship...Hawaii to the Sugar Bowl...and the Chargers win.....what a weekend !!