Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dee made me a great dinner for my birthday!

As some of you know, today I celebrated my 45th birthday today. This morning, my dear sister called me and asked me, "So how does 45 feel?" I told her that it did not feel any different than 30 or 35 or 40. I also reminded her that unlike most people my age, my hair is still the same color it was when I was 15 and that most of my hair is still in its original place!

Dee took me out to a nearby restaurant, Rose's, which is about a 15 minute walk from our home. We left for Rose's at 5PM and were seated at 5:15PM. We just beat the crowd because right after our adult beverages were served, the place filled up. Dee had an oven roasted pizza and I had a balsamic vinegar marinated flank steak dish. Dinner was delicious and we had a wonderful time tonight. All in all, this was a great way to start my 46th year on this planet!


Birch Bayou said...

Happy Birthday Paul. I did not realize. Wow, 45!!! I didn't realize people lived that long.
I hope you had a great day!!

Paul's Blog said...

You're a funny guy, Grey Hair! At least my mane is the same color it was when I was 15 and it has not even thought of recceeding, yet. :-)

For the record, I have had a great birthday!