Friday, November 2, 2007


Well, yesterday, 1 November, was my official retirement date from the Navy. Though I cannot yet join AARP, I am retired! To celebrate this special day in our lives, yesterday morning Dee and I drove to a B&B on the shores of Lake Huron in Oscoda: We arrived at the Huron House around 3:30PM and spent the rest of the daylight hours walking on the beach and taking in the sites of Oscoda. We had dinner at a great local place, Tait's Bill of Faire, and then we retired to the Sunrise Suite for a few adult beverages before calling it a night. Sunrise was at 8:14PM so Dee and I had not problem being up and about to see the Sun rise over Lake Huron. It was a great way to start the first day of my retirement. We drove home via a different route, stopping in Cadillac where we had lunch at a Herman's European Cafe, based on a recommendation from a former resident of Cadillac. Lunch was great and we drove south down 131, returning home in the late afternoon. Throughout our drive we both remarked on how beautiful our home state is, and that we need to get out more and explore the Enchanted Mitten.


Lisa and Gary... said...

Cmdr Paul, I thought of you guys yesterday now that your leave time has been exhausted and you are officially retired. Hard to believe, isn't it? You're footloose and fancy free. Of course, now there are more grave concerns over the sinister Murderous Cabal given the new death benefits, and all. But, really, I'm sure you'll be fine!! Congratulations, again, and thanks for keeping us safe lo these last 22 years!


John said...

It's a lifetime pension....and it gets pay raises....and Michigan doesn't tax it....schweet.