Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Comcast... Arrgh!

Dee and I are finally down to a single home, after years of maintaining two residences. One of the "upgrades" we had often talked about doing was to get high definition television (HDTV) for the main TV in our house. We also decided to get digital voice telephone from Comcast when we upgraded to HDTV. About two weeks ago I called Comcast to arrange for the telephone conversion and HDTV. The installation technician showed up on Monday to complete the installation but he did not have an HDTV box, nor did he have the correct modem for our telephone. The technician was able to get the right modem for our phone, but he was unable to get us an HDTV box. He told us that all we had to do was go to the local Comcast Service Center to swap out the box. I called Comcast Tuesday morning to confirm that I could get the HDTV box I was told to go to the service center. Dee and I drove there yesterday afternoon and I was told that they were out of the HDTV boxes, but that my name would be put on a waiting list and when they received the boxes that I would get a call. We were disappointed, but we sullied on through with our remaining errands. When I got home from our tasks, I called Comcast to complain and I told the person who answered the call that what drove me nuts about Comcast is that for a communication company, nobody seems to communicate with each other. Her name was Jane and she was very apologetic. She told me that Comcast had made the decision to close the service centers because, "When we call the service centers, they don't return our calls. That is why they were probably not too helpful as they are all going to lose their jobs soon." Nice. Jane really wanted to help us and she said that she would have an HD box shipped to us and that she would waive out HDTV box rental fee for a year. She also gave me her direct phone number and urged me to call her if we had any problems in receiving or installing the HDTV box. Jane gave me a little more faith in Comcast, but as I said to her, "Nobody is accountable or responsible. Whenever I have a problem, I get passed from person to person and everyone just says that they are sorry, etc." Well, at least Jane put her $$$ where her mouth is. We will save $7/month for the next year. Does anybody else out there have a Comcast or cable TV issue they want to share?


Lisa and Gary... said...

For many years I lived without a television. I'm convinced I could do it again but for my husband and two year old. When I lived on Lyon St., Comcast did nothing but raise the rates with no corresponding increase in the quality of my programming. One day, in a fit of something much like my run-in with Steve Willison during His Honor's campaign, I called Comcast, politely told them what they could do with their latest increase, and cancelled my cable. I lived on Public TV and local programming until Gary and I got married. We have HDTV now and, honestly, I don't think our cable provider has ever gotten the HD portion figured out. I'd opt for a dish but, really, that's about 499 stations too many, isn't it? What does it matter? All I really get to see anymore is Clifford the Big Red Dog and Sesame Street.

Cable providers. Bah Humbug!

Paul's Blog said...

It just got better. I hate Comcast, but they are a monopoly here. Arrgh!