Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, we are in our third day with Samson and we are having mixed results. It is clear that he was not properly socialized as a young pup. He is fearful of other dogs and tried to jump up on adults and children. He is also exhibiting the signs of separation anxiety. He constantly follows me around the house and when I do put him in his crate, he immediately starts to whine and whimper. He has tried to bite me three times since we picked him up, though I was able to control his actions by grabbing his snout and letting him know just who the Alpha male is in this pack! We are meeting with a professional trainer on Saturday to see what she can do to help us control Samson. On a positive note, it was easy to change his name from Danson to Samson. He picked right up on the change and now acknowledges to that name. We can't get him to obey any voice commands other than "sit," but at least he recognizes his name! Updates to follow.


John said...

Should've gotten a Boston Terrier !! :^)

Deirdre said...

Beautiful pictures Paul.