Saturday, March 8, 2008

Update on my condition

I went sinker last night around 10PM. I was coughing a little, but the Ny-Quil (and the Canadian Mist!) took the edge off of my suffering. I woke up around 4AM and gulped down some more of that wonderful elixir, and went back to bed. I woke up at 6AM as I was in a coughing fit, so I took some more meds and went back to sleep. Samson is pretty funny right now as he is not used to one of his pack members being ill. When I went back to bed at 6AM, he plopped himself right down on my pillow, as if his presence would make me feel better. It actually did as happiness is a warm puppy. When Dee got up around 7AM, Samson refused to leave my side. Dee had to force him off the bed. Ever defiant, Samson sat down at door to our back bedrooms, guarding the door for my eventual return. I got up around 8:40AM as the coughing was back with a vengeance. I got up, put my robe over my jammies and went to the kitchen to hydrate and check my temperature. Yesterday, each time I checked my temperature it was the text book temp for a homo sapien, 98.6F. However, this morning I am not so lucky. My temperature was 100.7F, so I am definitely fighting something. I am going to have a little brekkie, take some more meds and go back to bed. And for the record, Nurse Deirdre is doing a fantastic job taking care of me. Updates to follow as conditions warrant.


Lisa and Gary... said...

So, by "elixir," you MUST mean the Canadian Mist.

Sorry to hear you've taken a turn for the worst. I knew I should have sent you guys a shipment of fresh, Arizona oranges. Being sick is icky!


Paul's Blog said...

The elixir was Ny-Quil. :-)