Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deb Update

My friend John who is a frequent reader of this blog requested a "Deb Update" in a different thread. John accused me of slacking, so here we go: Deb is recovering nicely. She is off all pain meds and she is moving along with a small scooter. I spent the better part of Monday morning at her house, taking care of a few maintenance issues. Just before her injury, Deb purchased five new Kwikset door knobs for her interior doors. While Deb had the knobs, she was lacking the technical skills needed to install the knobs. I, on the other hand, have the technical skills and experience to change the knobs as I had changed a couple of door knobs in our home. I told Deb that once things settled down at her house that I would be happy to come out and install the five knobs. I spoke to Deb on Sunday and I told her that I would be by on Monday morning to install the knobs. Well, on Sunday the father of one of her friends came by to visit and he spent about two hours replacing one of the knobs, and according to Deb the installation was a bit rocky. I arrived at Deb's house a little after 8AM and I set to work to install the remaining four knobs. The old knobs the original knobs and were Dexter, which is a company long since purchased by Schlage. I quickly removed the first knob and I discovered that the opening in the doors would not fit the new knobs. Undaunted, I looked at the new knobs and determined that all I needed to do was drill two small holes in each door and the knobs could be easily installed. In a matter of a few minutes, I completed the first installation and proceeded to work on the remaining three knobs. I also looked at the knob installed on Sunday and realized that it had been improperly mounted. The latch on the door was hitting the striker place on the door frame, which meant that the latch was not properly installed. I removed the knob, made a few quick corrections and I am happy to report that the knob is now functioning nominally. I completed the installation of the four knobs and the repair of the other knob in a little less than two hours.

As part of the continuing care and feeding of Deb while she is recovering from her broken leg, I asked her if she needed anything else done after I finished installing the knobs. She said that she had a a few prescriptions that she needed to pick up and Deb asked me if I would not mind driving her to her local pharmacy to
pick up her meds. I told her that I would be happy to do drive her wherever she needed to go. We took her car as it needed to be started and driven (Deb is still not able to drive). Deb used her scooter to get to the car, she got in on the passenger side, and I loaded he scooter into the trunk. In order to help Deb, I picked up a temporary handicap placard for last week as I felt she would need one until she recovers from her injury. We drove her pharmacy and for the first time in my life, I parked in a handicap spot. I unloaded her scooter and Deb was able to easily wheel her way to the pharmacy and pick up her meds. This placard will come in handy for Deb as she recovers from her injury. I have always been a big fan of handicap parking spots for people who need them and the parking spot worked as advertised for Deb.

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