Friday, March 7, 2008

I have been told I must not be crabby...

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that I had a nagging cough. I thought it might be from being out side much of the day yesterday, but the cough turned into chills and a fever later in the evening. I swigged down some Ny-Quil to get me through the night and I have been sipping on Day-Quil most of the day today. I was going to drive Deirdre into work today, but she let me just stay in the rack to regain my strength. Ever the caring wife she said to me last night, "OK, you need to stop coughing. Either stop coughing or die." I promised her would first try to stop coughing.

This is my first cold/bug of the winter. I have been pretty fortunate as I have not been sick all season. Dee also reminded me
that I am not allowed to be crabby when I am not feeling well. To be honest, I am feeling better as I type this, but my overall feeling has been like riding the crest of a sine wave. I still have to determine the period of this wave, but I think that it is about 4 hours. Right now I am on the top of the wave. Let's hope it stays that way for a while.


Lisa and Gary... said...

Darn scientists!


Deirdre said...

Ok for the record, he is WRETCHED OBNOXIOUS when he is sick. Bossy, crabby, irritating.

Doesn't work for me and I have 51% of the vote....Samson has the other 40%.

Paul's Blog said...

What is a boy to do when his dog has over four times my voting power?

Unfortunately, as I type this, I am at the bottom of the sine curve. I do not mind a short period in my sine curve, it is the amplitude that I want to me a small as possible.

And for the record, I am a wonderful person, healthy or sick. Just ask me!

mary said...

So sorry to hear of your math problems. That aside, if Samson's vote is worth 40% and yours is only weighted at 1% does that not mean his vote is worth 40 times yours?
And yes, I do think you are a wonderful person! Mary

Paul's Blog said...

Dee = 51
Samson = 41
Paul = x

51 + 40 + x = 100.

x = 100 - 51 - 40

x = 9

I am 9. :-)

John said...

Man are allowed...nay, be crabby babies when sick.

mary said...

Dearest Paul,
Much to my embarrassment it was only when I crawled into bed did the flaw in my addition dawn upon me!! And I was not going to get up and fix it!!!!! Hope your feeling better and for poor Dee's sake have stopped coughing.

Paul's Blog said...

No worries! FYI, my condition has deteriorated since last night. If Dee took me to our veterinarian, they would be discussing putting me down!

I just had another dose of Day-Quil. Time to repopulate my rack.


Deirdre said...

He is horrible sick. :( Paul is not a sleeper and hasn't been out of the bed much....I don't expect to see him much today.