Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back in the 'hood...

Since I think that I am getting closer than ever to finding gainful employment, I decided to take a quick trip back to Grosse Pointe to spend a few days with my parents and help my father knock out a few projects. Soon, I am afraid, I will lose the ability to come and go as I please, so it was a good time to make a break for my parent's house. The image to the left of this text was taken on Friday morning along the shore line of Lake St. Clair. The tower in the background is the venerable Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, a well known landmark used by ships and sailors for years as they traverse the lake.

I have been going back to Grosse Pointe on and off since I first
left there in 1980 to go to college. One thing that strikes me each time I return to my hometown is how little has changed. Sure, a few businesses have come and gone, but the essence of the city has not changed much in at least two decades. The Original Pancake House is where it has always been, at the intersection of Mack Avenue and Lochmoor. Pointe Cycle and Fitness is also still in business. My father purchased all of my bikes there and it remains the place to purchase a bike if you live in Grosse Pointe.

I was able to knock out a few projects for my father and he appreciated the help. Once
my chores were done, my father and I grabbed some lunch at Little Tony's Lounge in the Woods. Little Tony's has been around since dirt was invented and they serve perhaps the best hamburger in town. I enjoyed a cheeseburger, fries and some iced tea, while my father had a burger and a Labatts. Since were were going to drive to Selfridge Air National Guard Base, I was not about to have even one beer before driving onto the base! We zipped up there and I used my retired military ID for the first time, since I had to show the card to the gate guard. I stopped at the Class Six store to purchase some hooch, and I filled my car up with fuel. I think that my father enjoyed getting out of the house and running a few errands.

There is an American cliche that says "You can never go home again." Well, it is still nice to know that one can go home to Grosse Pointe and know that some things have not changed, even though the calendar shows that years have come and gone. Perhaps for my next visit back there I will pay a visit to the Irish Coffee for one of their burgers!

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