Thursday, March 6, 2008


Soon after the professionals from Window World of West Michigan were done installing our new windows, I went to see how Deb was doing. I am happy to report that each day she is a little better than the last. I held some training with one of the other caregivers, informing her the difference between meds every 6 hours versus meds every 4 hours. I also checked on Deb's recent pain dosage and all is on track for her. Deb left the house today for the first time since she was discharged from the hospital and her right leg reminded her just who is the boss. Deb ran out to some auction house where she won a bid on some door knobs. Well, I should say that she was driven to this auction house, which was only about 10 miles away, and she was clearly uncomfortable after her trip. I told her that the biggest mistake I made following my knee surgery last year was that I overdid things too soon following my procedure. I reminded that we were not 20 year olds any more and that these middle aged bodies need more time to recover. That is the trouble with youth: it is wasted on the young!

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