Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another interview with GE... and more strange things...

Well, today was one of the more interesting days of my job search adventure. Larry from GE called me this morning to talk to me about a "technical manager" position. I had been told a few weeks ago following my first interview with GE that I would be contacted when they were ready to bring me in for a second interview. I felt that the e-mail I received from Larry yesterday was to set up a second interview for the technical manager position I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. Larry called me at 9:30AM and he immediately asked me questions regarding my program management experience. I started to explain my background and experience in program management, and then I asked Larry, "Is this a follow up interview following my first interview a few weeks ago?" The silence on the phone was deafening for a few moments.

Larry said to me, "Did you interview here already?" I told him that I had and I told him the
names of the five people I spoke to the end of February. Larry said to me, "Oh. I am calling about another position we are trying to fill. I know Carl, but I do not know the other people you met. Can you tell me what the position was they brought you in for?" I told Larry the job number and he said, "You applied for the position of Engineering Manager, job number 800845 a few days ago. Are you still interested in this position?" I told him that I was, and I was simply waiting to hear back from somebody at GE regarding my first interview, as I had been told that the entire division was being re-structured, and that once the re-structuring plan was determined that I would be told whether or not there was a place for me with GE.

Larry and I spoke for a few minutes more and he said to me, "Wow, it is already after 10AM. I need to get to a meeting. However, I am going to forward your resume on to Hank, my boss. I think that he will want to talk to you. I do want to let you know that GE's hiring process slow at best. Even if someone is hot to hire you, it can take a while for an offer." I thanked him for his time and I ended the call by saying, "Larry, I enjoyed speaking with you and I hope to hear from you soon." My call with him ended at 10:05AM

I hung up the phone and went on my chores: cleaning up the kitchen and breakfast dishes, picking up the house, and then taking Samson out for a walk. This afternoon, our friend and master remodeler Dave was going to come by at 1:30PM or so to the house with a production crew from the local Fox affiliate to film the outside of our house for a television spot to advertise his window replacement company and the great work that they on our new windows. I was waiting for Dave to arrive and my cell phone rang. The call went something like this:

"Hello, is this Paul?

"Yes, this is Paul. Can I help you?"

"Paul, this is Larry from GE. I sent your resume to my boss, Hank and he wants to meet you. Are you available tomorrow to come in for an interview? We are closed on Good Friday, so tomorrow is a good day for us. Also, Hank my boss is out of town all next week. He really wants to talk to you before he goes."

"Larry, I have an interview with another organization tomorrow at 11:30AM. I do not want to commit to an afternoon interview with you as I have no idea how long my 11:30 interview will go."

"Paul, OK. What about in the morning?"

"I do not want to rush you, and I must be done with any discussions with you no later than 10AM so I can get to my 11:30 interview. Would you prefer to schedule an interview after Hank is back?"

"Paul, we want to move quickly with you on this. Hank does not know how long he will be gone, and he really wants to speak to you."

"OK. I can come in tomorrow morning, but I must be done by 10AM, if that is alright with you?"

"Paul, can you be here at 8AM? I promise that we will get you out by 10AM."

"Great! Paul, I might need you to fill out a few forms in preparation for the interview."

"Larry, I met with Carol and Mimi in HR during my first interview and I filled out an application. I will be happy to fill out another one, but perhaps if I give you my candidate number you can find the application?"

"Paul, that would be great. If you already filled out an application you are already in the system and that will speed things up."

I gave Larry my candidate number and our phone call ended a moment later. So, in the span of less than three hours, I was told that it might take a while for my resume to filter its way through the GE bureaucracy to "we really want to talk to you soon. Is tomorrow morning at 8AM too early?" Yes, life continues to be interesting here in the Enchanted Mitten.

I have my first interview with the 61st District Court at 1130 tomorrow. Full report to follow!

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