Thursday, March 6, 2008

These guys do not mess around!

For those of you who have followed my blog, you know that in the past 2 months we had our bathrooms remodeled by the professionals at HWC Homeworks. In the course of getting to know the owner of the company (and helping him with a few IT issues), I found out that he also owned a window replacement company called Window World of West Michigan. Dee and I have known that we needed to replace a few of the windows in our house for a while, but we were just waiting to find the right time and company to do the work. Needless to say, after the fantastic work Dave's company did with our bathrooms, we decided to have his people replace six of our old windows.

Our house in EGR is perhaps 50 years old. The original owner, from what we were told, was a Pella Window distributor, so all of the
windows in the house were Pella. The house underwent a major remodeling on or about 1970 according to the tax records, and that is when we think the windows where last replaced. At the time of installation, the windows were probably some of the best on the market, but time and technology had clearly made them obsolete. The windows were drafty and difficult to clean. It was clearly time to replace them.

I was told to expect the installers around 9:30AM, and I was told to move all furniture away
from the windows, as well as to remove all window treatments. I removed a few of the treatments yesterday, but the majority of the treatments I removed this morning after I had Princess had left for work. Removing the treatments was fairly straightforward and I finished my work by 8:30AM. I was able to get all of our treatments down without damaging any of the mounting hardware, an accomplishment for which I am quite proud! Brent and Steve were early and they arrived a little after 9AM. The immediately started their work and within a few minutes the old window in our bedroom was removed.

In short order they had replaced all six windows and then set to the task of wrapping
each one in aluminum coil, which is essentially flat aluminum, bent and shaped for a custom fit. Of course, Samson was quite interested in what was going on. He was very friendly with Brent and Steve. He also wanted to inspect the progress of the work. Already I am noticing the difference in the warmth in the rooms. We replaced a window in our bedroom, two windows in our guest bedroom, both windows in our main bathroom and the window in our dining room. Each window is a double hung with the inert gas argon in-between the panes of glass. After experiencing the brutally cold winter here in the Enchanted Mitten, which is still going on, these windows will really help cut our heating bill next winter and help keep the house cool next summer.

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