Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Night

Today was the first day in literally weeks when the sun shined all day. Sure, there were a few clouds in the high sky, but they barely interfered with Sol sharing its warmth and benevolence upon us. Today, Dee and I visited our friend Deb who is back following a week of recuperation at her sister's house. Deb looked well and we went over a some paperwork that she needed to complete before I take her to her first follow up medical appointment tomorrow. Deb's looked great and she was looking forward to her first check up.

Later this week I have an interview with the 61st
District Court. Life continues to be interesting here in the Enchanted Mitten.

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Lisa and Gary... said...

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine is...the suuunnnn shine in!!

Glad to hear Deb is on the mend. You are good people for all your taking care of her after her slip and fall.

Corn beef is simmering as I type. Dinner's at 6 p.m., if you'd like your own slab. :-)