Saturday, March 1, 2008

A slight change in plans...

Last night my cell phone rang and it was one of our friends, Mary. She called me to tell us that our mutual friend Deb fell earlier in the day when she was walking her dogs. Deb broke the tibia and fibula in her right leg and she had just come out of surgery. Pins and brackets had to be placed into her leg to stabilize the bones damaged by the fractures. The prognosis is good, but Deb will be sidelined for a while. We went to see Deb in the hospital, twice, today. We brought her a Sodoku book and some writing materials. She is in a bit of a pain medication induced haze, but she is at least comfortable. Deb will need a lot of assistance the next few weeks as she recovers from this injury. Looks like I will be doing some cooking for Deb and Dee will be doing some laundry!

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