Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lord Stanley's Cup

It is often said that there are two seasons in the NHL: The regular season and the eight weeks of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It takes sixteen wins over the course of four rounds of the playoffs to earn the right to hoist the Stanley Cup. The Wings have twelve of the sixteen victories needed to bring the cup back to Hockeytown. Their opponent, the Pittsburgh Penguins also have twelve wins and they want the Cup as much as the Wings want it. I am hopeful that the Wings will be the first to sixteen wins. Last night, the Stars were dispatched with nary a thought. By the end of the first period, the Wings were ahead 3-0 and they never looked back. Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals is this Saturday night. Say it with me, "Let's go, Red Wings!"


Anonymous said...

Great post!

John said...

ZZZZzzzzzz !!!

Like American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, it seems like it will never end....

Go Pens !!

Lisa and Gary... said...

I'd jump up and down and cheer...but I'm too dang hot. 108 yesterday. Scheesh. How long until December???


Paul's Blog said...

nj blogger,
Thanks for the kind words. How did you find my blog?