Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PMR Meeting

I am starting wriggle my way into projects at GE Aviation. This week, my boss, is out all week. He is putting out fires with a production facility out west. SO, I have sort of been left to my own devices this week. Well, today I sat in on a day long meeting with the prime contractor. The meeting is called a PMR, or a Program Management Review meeting. GE is a subcontractor for a major Department of Defense aircraft program. GE has delivered a bunch of prototypes and is now gearing up to make a limited number of production models, which will be shipped in the near future. I keep learning more and more each day. Life agrees with me.


Lisa and Gary... said...

Sounds like you made a good choice and it's a good fit. I'm so happy for you.


John said...

Welcome to contractor meeting hell. Make sure you fill out your time card properly.