Friday, May 2, 2008

One week in the life of a Technical Manager

Today I finished my first week of work at General Electric Aviation and so far, so good. Monday was a bit of a blur. I reported for work at 8:15 as directed and I was ushered to Security where I had my picture taken and was issued an employee badge. All GE employees here in Grand Rapids are required to have and wear their badge as there are some export controlled items manufactured here. A few minutes after I received my badge, I was met by one of the HR people who took me back to her office where I handed over a few documents and was given a few more for my signature. In a matter of moments, all the necessary paperwork was done and my boss was called and told to come collect me. My new boss showed up a few minutes later to get me and my career with GE began in earnest.

This week has been a sometimes steep and sometimes shallow learning curve. I have been doing my best to ask all kinds of questions and learn everything that I can about my new position. I have been introduced to a couple of programs I will be overseeing, and I have met some absolutely wonderful people. Everyone I met this week said to me, "Welcome to GE," or "Welcome aboard. We are glad to have you here." GE is a great company and I am having a blast in my new position as a Technical Manager.

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Lisa and Gary... said...

Just make sure you keep good track of your TPS reports. :-)