Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Last night we started the preparations for Phase IV of our home improvement projects. Phase I and II were the remodeling of our main bathroom and our small bathroom, respectively. Phase III was the replacement of about half of our windows. Phase IV is the replacement of the remaining windows in our house, our front door and the sliding glass doors in our Back Room. In preparation for the work, Dee and I had to carefully remove the window treatments from the affected windows and we had to move the furniture away from these same windows. It was a lot of work, as is evident in the pictures from our work last night. It is as if an entropy bomb went off in the house. Chaos will remain here on Argentina for a few more days.

new windows and the front door have been installed, but the sliding glass doors will be replaced on Thursday. Friday is the trim day. The windows look great, but the trim is definitely something that needs to done. It also appears that the window installers will return to wrap the outside of the windows with aluminum cladding, which will make the windows maintenance free. I will have a lot of work to do this weekend. I will need to prime and paint the trim, as well as to paint the inside and outside of the front door and the side lights. There is a little chaos, noise and dust here in our slice of heaven in the Enchanted Mitten. However, it is just a matter of a little work and time and things will be back to normal.

I just have to remember this statement: "In the end, everything will be OK. If things are not OK, then it is not the end."


Lisa and Gary... said...

I love that front door. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT.


Deirdre said...

It is really lovely. Even with all the chaos. :)

Dave said...

Great door and side star windows, quality installation...what a great remodeler
you have. They do kitchens, bathrooms , windows and doors? Did you say their name was HWC-Home Works Corp at 531-6766?

Lisa and Gary... said...

Oh...shameless plugging. I love that, too. Are they licensed in Arizona? :-)


Paul's Blog said...

Dave is as shameless as he is talented! Did he tell you that he does kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors? :-)

I hope that when you and the Tot swing by the Enchanted Mitten that you can see his his craftsmanship.

Aileen said...

Your Door & Windows are beautiful. Paul, please keep window slightly ajar when Dee goes outside with Sampson. She might just call for you.
I heard you had 2 very reputable companies install this project. Lisa & Gary; There is a Window World located in Arizona or we will go to Arizona this winter.