Wednesday, May 28, 2008

As if there was not enough entropy in the house...

For frequent visitors to this blog, you are aware that there has been some churn and chaos at our home. Last week the professionals at HWC Homeworks began work on replacing 9 windows, our front door and the two large sliding glass doors in our back room. Yep, lots of chaos, dust and entropy. We also found out late Thursday afternoon that this project would continue into this week as they had a very difficult time removing two of the windows, which set back the installation schedule. Thankfully, the HR Maven was able to work from home on Tuesday so Jim and Chris could finish their work.

Well, just when we thought things could not get any more fun, I noticed that the ice tray in our 5 year old Amana refrigerator had water in it. This was a bad sign, because it meant that the freezer was no longer holding temperature. I knew that the design of this
refrigerator uses a single compressor to power the cooling system, so I knew that it was only a matter of time before upper fridge part of this appliance would start to fail, too. In my previous line of work, we called this a "cascading casualty." We decided to save all the perishables that we could, packing two coolers with ice and food. First thing on Tuesday morning, Dee called Apex Appliance Repair and in the early afternoon one of their technicians arrived and he quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. In a few minutes, the temperatures in the freezer and the refrigerator started to drop.

We just need this fridge to work for another 8-10 weeks. Hopefully, this repair will enable us to bridge the gap between now and when the entropy meter will be pegged again for the kitchen remodeling project!

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