Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our next home improvement project

Later this week, the professionals at HWC Homeworks and Window World of West Michigan will begin the next phase of our home remodeling projects. Window World is going to replace 9 windows in our bedrooms and living room, while HWC will replace the sliding glass doors in our back room and install a new front door. Currently, our back room as two enormous sliding glass doors. The extant doors are Pella and they have clearly outlived their usefulness. The sliders as they are called, are drafty and at times, leak water when it rains. The four sliders are 8 feet long and are no longer made by Pella. We will replace the sliders with three picture windows and a single sliding glass door. In designing this project, we realized that we needed only a single door, and by installing three fixed windows we will most likely reduce our energy costs. However, before work can begin we will need to remove the window treatments and move some furniture. The works starts on Wednesday and is projected to last three days. Updates to follow!


Michael said...

They must be making you work at GE. Your postings are a bit more infrequent since your "retirement" ended. Good luck with the new windows, etc.

Paul's Blog said...

I am working a lot more than I did when I was "retired!" I am working to keep the blog working. Look for more frequent updates during our next home improvement project.