Thursday, May 1, 2008

It is not a matter of life and death. It is the playoffs. It is much more important than that.

Late tonight, our beloved Red Wings will play the hated Avalanche in Colorado. The Wings are up 3-0 in this best of seven series. Tonight, the Wings can eliminate the Avs and wait for the Stars-Sharks series to play out. In any sport that has a "best of seven game series," winning the fourth game is the most difficult. Your opponent knows that it is win or go home. A team facing elimination is a lot like a wounded animal. They will fight for their life... that is, until you end their existence. What do you do when your opponent is down but not out? You step on his neck and do everything in your power to turn him into a former opponent. The puck will drop at the Pepsi Center at 10PM EDT tonight. Way too late for me to stay up and watch the end result as I have to be at work by 8AM tomorrow (I really like the sound of that), but the first thing I will check when I wake up in the morning is the score of the game. Let's go, Red Wings!

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