Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mud & Tile

This was Day 7 of the project and the work is coming along. Jim is in the "detail" part of his work, putting up all the custom fitted tile for the shower. He completed the niche and also installed two Corian shelves in the shower. The project will appear to slow down for the next few days because of the exacting work needed to fit each tile, but as soon as he finished the tile in the shower, there will be perhaps a day's worth of work left.

The dust is not as great in the house anymore, and I think that we have turned the corner with respect to overall entropy. As Jim sets each tile, the randomness and chaos abates a little bit more. What I am really starting to get excited about is applying the first coat of Kilz and painting the walls!


Lisa and Gary... said...

Did you guys use the same tile as in the main bath? Looks nice. What is your paint color?


Paul's Blog said...

The persnickity carpenter Jim who worked on the first project is reprising his role in the second project. The photos of the project do not do it justice. It looks like the project will roll into Tuesday of next week. The tile work is VERY exacting work and it takes time, patience and craftsmanship. Jim has done a superb job and I could be happier with how this project has progressed.


Paul's Blog said...

Also, the paint color is going to be a light tan. The official color is "Bermuda Sand," made by Olympic Paint.

Paul's Blog said...

I just re-read your original post. I did not answer the question! Yes, the tile is the same color as the in the first BR project. :-)