Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 5: Mortar and Mud and Tile

Day 5 of this project has come and gone and the project is really starting to take shape. Jim was able to apply mortar to the drywall in the shower, tape the gaps in the other drywall, apply mud to the aforementioned drywall and add some insulation along one of the walls. I am amazed as to how warm the bathroom is now, and the tile still has to go up. While it does not look like much happened today, Jim made enormous strides in shaping the overall look of the bathroom.

The next couple of days will be devoted to tiling the shower and the floor. Progress will literally be measure in feet as he carefully measures and cuts and applies the tiles to the walls and ceiling of the shower, and eventually to the floor of the bathroom. The color of the tiles in the shower and the floor are the same color as the tiles used in our first bathroom remodeling project. This weekend I will need to stop at Home Depot and shop for paint. I will not need much to paint this bathroom, but I will need to find the right color. I am thinking that a light tan might be the trick. As anyone who has ever looked at paint samples, there are as many tans or light browns as there are stars in the night. Whatever color I pick, it will not be the hideous blue that still adorns a few of the bathroom's walls!

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