Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 6: Electrical work begins

This project is a little more than half way done and the bathroom is really starting to take shape. Jim arrived a little later than usual, as he spent part of his early morning at the HWC shop making the Corian shelves for the shower. Also, the electrician Paul from Roper Electrical started the electrical work. Paul installed the vent fan and put in the wires for the lights and the fan control. Jim was his normal persnickity self, carefully measuring and cutting the tiles for the niche in the shower, was well as the tiles for the walls of the shower.

I am pressing Jim to get his permission to start painting. I will have to put down at least a single coat of Kilz primer before I can paint the ceiling and the walls. Thankfully, this is a much smaller project and all I will need is a few hours to accomplish this taks. What I want to do is complete the painting before the plumber returns to install the sink, toilet and drain from the shower. I did a little paint shopping over the weekend and I think that I am going to paint the ceiling white and the walls a light tan. More to follow on the final color decision.


Lisa and Gary... said...

From drab to fab...twice in one month!! You guys are on a roll. What did you do with the mousicle?


Paul's Blog said...

One word: Dumpster.

My friends from HWC measured our kitchen last Friday. That might be a summer project!