Sunday, January 27, 2008

Days 10, 11, 12 and a "Whoops!"

The bathroom project is moving along with all deliberate speed. Much was accomplished on Friday morning and afternoon. Jim added a few more bullnose tiles to the shower and then he set the cabinets in place. Jim and I had a few discussions about the placement of the cabinets. I wanted him to wait to the last minute, so I could paint without any "hardware" in the bathroom. Jim was focused on production, so I saw things his way! The cabinets went in without incident and before I knew it, he was laying the floor tile. Of course, Samson had to keep an eye on things and he appeared happy with the work Jim was doing.

The "Whoops!" mentioned in the subject line of this post is that the factory shipped the wrong sink to us. The cabinets require that the sink be "left justified." The sink that was shipped to us has the sink centered smack dab in the middle of the countertop. After looking at the tile, cabinets and one of the backsplashes for countertop, I picked a paint color called "Drifting Dune." No, I did not make up the name! The paint is Olympic, which I have used with great success in the past. I discovered the error when Deirdre got home from work, as I showed her the sink to compare paint colors. I contacted HWC Homeworks and they put a new sink on order for us. With a little luck the new sink might be here by the end of the week. Dave, the owner of HWC and consummate professional, offered to install a temporary sink for us to make the bathroom operational, but I flatly refused. Dee and I have waited 7 years to re-do this bathroom and waiting a few more days is not going to kill us.

My task for the weekend was to apply a few coats of Kilz to the walls, and then put a few coats of white semi-gloss to the ceiling and then a few coats of "Drifting Dune" to the walls. For any of you who have never painted, there are two type of paint on can purchase: Latex based or oil based. Oil based paints require mineral spirits or turpentine to clean up, while latex paints are water based. Kilz is a great primer, but it is oil based and it stinks to high Heaven. I started to apply the Kilz first thing Saturday morning and I was able to get two coats of primer before 10AM.

Late Saturday afternoon I applied a coat of white semi-gloss to the ceiling so that I would be ready to paint the walls on Sunday. Our good friend Deb, who has helped us with many of our painting projects, helped us once again, While I did the walls and the open spaces, Deb worked the cut in, deftly applying paint to the edges between the walls and the ceilings, as well as some of the intricate work near the cabinets. We are now ready for Jim to return tomorrow and grout the shower and the floor tiles. Again, I could not be happier with how this project is moving along.

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Super Mom and Daddy-O said...

The color looks pretty. Spa-like! I think I want a new bathroom, now. You know...since I can't have the Viking 6-burner?? Makes perfect sense to me.

I love how Samson oversees all the work. Too cute.