Monday, January 14, 2008

Game on!

No, I am not talking about the NFL playoffs, rather I am talking about the second remodeling project that began today. HWC Homeworks, who did a fantastic job remodeling our main bathroom, started work on our second bathroom this morning. The craftsman, Jim, who did most of the work on our first project is back again to ply his trade and give this bathroom a complete makeover.

Of course, to make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs. Today and tomorrow Jim will be demolishing the old bathroom and making structural repairs to any flaws he discovers. This project is not as involved as the first bathroom makeover, so there should not be anywhere near as much dust and grim as was created in the first project. Once again, this house is yielding up some old and dark secrets. When Jim ripped out the vanity, he discovered yellow tile on the floor underneath. When Jim removed the mirror that used to be above and behind the toilet, he uncovered some of the ugliest wallpaper that I have ever seen. You would think that when this bathroom was last remodeled that the contractor would have had the common courtesy to remove the old wallpaper. The offensive wallpaper can be seen in all its glory below this text. I have saved a small piece of this wallpaper so that Deirdre can see it when she comes back from her job at the Kingdom. I am starting to run out of places to find strange things in this house, but now nothing surprises me. Look for updates daily as this project continues!

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Lisa and Gary... said...

You must frame that scrap. It's altogether too hideous to dispose of completely.

I like bathroom remodels...but I really like kitchens. Can't wait for the kitchen.