Monday, January 28, 2008

Grout and Samson Supervision

Today was the day that the bathroom really came together. Jim arrived at his customary time and he immediately started his work for the day. His plan was to apply grout to the floor and shower, mount the medicine cabinet, install the trim along the baseboards, and finally to pack up all his tools and equipment. Tomorrow was to to have been the day the bathroom was completed, but since the company that custom makes the sink sent the wrong sink, the project will not finish up until sometime next week.

The photos of the shower with the grout applied to the spaces between the tiles really do not do justice to the look of the shower. The shower is nothing short of fantastic. The floor looks great, too. I also think that we picked a great color for the walls. It is very similar to the color of the grout.

Samson was very interested in how the project was going. He would frequently check on Jim and see if he needed any help. Samson also wanted to inspect some of Jim's tools for the grouting job. Specifically, Samson was very interested in Jim's sponge. After a a quick inspection of Jim's sponge, Samson allowed the project to continue.

Jim finished up everything that he could do today, and I helped him put his tools in his truck as well as some of the empty boxes which held the medicine cabinet and the new cabinet. Tomorrow, Paul the electrician will pay me a visit and install the light over the cabinet. Hopefully, the middle of next week,the new sink will arrive and Jim will return and install it.

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