Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bathroom Project Day 2

Well, we are already half way through the second day of the bathroom project and things are moving along according to schedule. Jim was here at 8:30AM and he immediately went to work, pulling out the toilet (I had the honor of helping him move it into the trailer for disposal) and then he went to work on the lovely yellow and white tile on the floor. Using a chipping hammer, Jim was able to remove get up all the tile in short order. What is next for him is to rip out the wall between where the sink and tub used to be.

Samson continues to be interested in this project, thought I am keeping him in his crate while the work is going on. Way too much canine interest for his own good!


Lisa and Gary... said...

Warning, warning, Will Robinson. I see potential for disaster: 3 Series exposed to construction debris!!!

Yep. Looks like the ol' loo is pretty well out of commission. How is Sammy handling the racket?


Paul's Blog said...

There was some sawdust that was on the 3 Series this afternoon. However, the rain and sleet coming down right now was able to rinse the muck of the Bimmer!