Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cabinets and the First Coat of Paint

I have learned a lot during this remodeling project. Some days, a tremendous amount of work is done, but there is little to show for it. Other days, it seems little work is done, but lots seems to have been accomplished. Today was a day when lots of work was done and it shows at the end of the day. Jim did a little more work on the tile in the shower enclosure, applied an underlayment for floor and he installed the cabinets. Needless to say, the project is really starting to look like a bathroom. Jim spent a while shimming in the cabinets as he wanted to ensure that they are perfectly level. Thankfully, the bathroom floor was pretty level and he was able to quickly level the three cabinets and attach them to the walls.

One "oops" that happened today was completely my fault. There was an electrical outlet along a wall that used to be hidden by the old vanity. I thought it was a good idea to keep the electrical outlet in place, despite the fact that two outlets will eventually be installed by each sink. This decision was a mistake as the outlet would interfere with the cabinet doors. Removing the outlet and covering up the hole will set the painting back by about a day. Jim arranged for Paul the electrician to come back to remove the outlet, then Jim will patch the hole, which in turn will allow me to prime and paint the wall.

Wednesday night we applied the first coat of paint to the other walls and I think that the color we selected really looks great. Deb arrived at the appointed hour of 4:30PM and we were painting just a few minutes later. It was apparent that we would need at least two coats of paint as the color, Brushwood, is dark and we applied it over a grey-ish/white primer. On Thursday night Deb will return and we will put the second coat on the other walls and get the first coat on the wall where the electrical outlet used to be. Jim will apply grout to tiles in the shower on Thursday and I can't wait to see how that looks. The planner, Jeff, came by today to look at the project and he "came clean" with me and told me that the large tiles were the wrong color! The tile we ordered was supposed to be the same color as the "bullnose" tile, which is the tile that goes around the edge of the shower and frames the nook in the shower. People who work with Dee would probably call this providential, but in my previous line of work when something like this would happen we would say, "It is better to be lucky than good!"


Lisa and Gary... said...

By luck or divine intervention, the tile looks great. Love the paint color, too.


Lisa and Gary... said...

Oh, and the cabinet. Love the cabinet, too. Don't want to forget the cabinet.

Do you miss the old wallpaper, yet?


Paul's Blog said...

I despise wallpaper...

With a little luck, the bathroom will be finished today. Look for an update and photos later this AM.