Monday, December 24, 2007


Yesterday morning was an interesting day here in the Enchanted Mitten. The local weather wags had said that we were in a "Winter Storm Alert," so Deirdre was on the edge of her chair, constantly checking on the weather conditions. The forecast was for 1-3 inches of snow to fall, and Deirdre looked at me and said, "Don't believe it. I doubt that we will get 1-3 inches of snow." Of course, we were watching the Weather Channel. One feature of the Weather Channel is called "Local on the Eights," where the local conditions would be reported every 10 minutes. We had been watching the Weather Channel for perhaps 30 minutes, so I had heard the local conditions two or three times. Just before the "Local on the Eights," I changed the channel to ESPN and the Weather Nerd said to me in a stern voice, "What are you doing?!? It is time for Local on the Eights!" I said to her, "Sorry about that. I did not know that the weather had changed that much since the last update 10 minutes ago." I quickly returned to the Weather Channel and you know what? The conditions had not changed in the past 10 minutes.

And for the record, we did not have 1-3 inches of snow yesterday. We had 8-10 inches fall. Looks like it we will have a white Christmas after all!


John said...

Deidre the weather nerd....well she is a gentle flower...

At least it's cheaper than being a coin geek.

Lisa and Gary... said...

Oh my gosh...8 to 10??? I'm dying out here. Send some. Please. Hurry!! I'm pretty sure we can't have Christmas without it.

Dee should work for The Weather Channel.


Deirdre said...

Hey, I LOVE being the weather nerd. And yes, I love the weather channel... (I think I need to get a life...)

Merry Christmas!

Henry said...


You should know better than to change the TV from the Weather channel.\!!
If Dee won't let you get his/hers chainsaws, maybe you ought to try for his/hers HDTVs.

Merry Christmas
The Grass Doctor

Eeyore said...
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jan.dv said...

Well, I rolled on the floor. In our house, Henry is the weather nerd. The weather channel is our friend. (However, C. James, B. Steffen, & P. Chan are ususally more to be depended on for accuracy than are Abrams & Bettes.)
Oh, and about the his/her HDTV's--we have not a single one, and now Henry's parents have two! Much anguish.


Paul's Blog said...

Just remember the 10th Commandment: Thou shalt not covet! So what is the background for Eeyore?