Friday, December 21, 2007

Flooring and a second coat of paint

The bathroom is really starting to take shape. On Wednesday night Deb and I put down a second coat of paint on the ceiling and applied the first coat of paint on the walls. It is clear that the walls would need a second coat as we are coving a whitish-gray primer with a dark color. No matter, it is all part of the adventure! The big event today was the installation of the flooring. We chose a dark vinyl flooring with a pattern that went well with the cabinets. I helped Jim bring the roll into the house and we laid it out in the living room. Jim carefully measured the extant floor in the bathroom and carefully cut the out the rough pattern from the vinyl. Clearly, this was a job that calls for "Measure twice and cut once," for after the vinyl was cut, there was not a way to repair or fix a problem with the piece. Additionally today, Paul the electrician returned to remove the electrical outlet mentioned in a previous post. Jim was able to quickly patch up the hole, using his patented "Texas Hot Patch," so by 2PM I was able to apply the first coat of Kilz to the patch. I applied a second coat of Kilz about an hour later so the wall was ready to receive its first coat of paint Thursday night.

Deb arrived a little before 5PM and we went right to work, applying the first coat of paint to the wall that formerly had an electrical outlet in the middle of it. We wanted to get that first coat on that wall in the hope that by the time we finished the second coat on the rest of the walls that the heretofore singly coated wall. Our timing was perfect as the wall with the single coat was dry by the time Deb and I finished putting the second coat on the rest of the bathroom.

Friday will be the day that everything comes together. The plumber and the electrician will return to do the finish work on their particular part of the project. Jim will continue to do his finish work, too. He still needs to attach the sink to the cabinets, hang the new door, put the hardware on the cabinets and perhaps most importantly, install the shower door. The bathroom should be functional by sometime late Friday afternoon

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