Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It is all coming together...

Day Eight is done and the bathroom is really taking shape. I mentioned to our craftsman Jim how the good the drywall work and the tile was looking. One thing that I have learned about the process is that some days it looks like nothing has been accomplished, when actually lots of things have been done. Jim spent the better part of Tuesday morning sanding the mud that he applied the day before, releasing lots of fine particulate dust into the air. I am confident that Deirdre and I will be dusting up the debris for weeks to come!

Jim cleared me to start paining on Wednesday night, and I enlisted the help of our friend, Deb Bakker. Deb is a professor at Calvin College, but she is also a fantastic painter who has helped me with other painting projects around our house in the past. Deb arrived at our house at 4:30PM and we immediately left for Home Depot to purchase some paint rollers and a can of primer for the drywall and the old walls. For those who have never painted before, there are two kinds of paint generally used in homes; water based latex or oil based enamel. Most older homes have the oil based paint as 30-40 years ago, the technology of latex based paint was not that advanced and oil based paint yielded a better finish. However, latex paint is now the paint of choice in most applications as it is a lot easier to work with and you can clean up with soap and water. Oil based paint requires turpentine or some other volatile cleaning fluid. Since this bathroom has a combination of new drywall and old oil based paint covering its walls, I was forced to use an oil based primer called Kilz. Kilz is a great primer, but it is very aromatic. Deb and I started to apply the primer and the drywall was literally drinking it up and it became apparent that I would need a second gallon of Kilz to get two coats of primer applied tonight. I ran back to the paint store to get some more Kilz while Deb continued painting. By the time I got back home, Deb had finished the first coat, so we waited for the primer to dry.

Meanwhile, Deirdre was cooking , which meant a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings, where she picked up some hot wings for us to enjoy while we waited for the Kilz primer to dry. Of course, we washed the wings down with a few adult beverages, and as soon as dinner was done Deb and I applied a second coat of primer. Kilz is amazing stuff as it adheres to darn near anything and forms a great base for the finsh coat. Our work was completed by 8:00PM and the three of us were we were able admire the work we had done applying the primer to the new walls. I still had more work to do on Wednesday morning, as I wanted to get the ceiling painted before Jim arrived. Thankfully, I was able to use latex based interior white paint to cover the ceiling. In a little less than an hour I managed to get a single coat of paint over the ceiling, and I was able to paint a stripe of white a few inches below the edge of the ceiling. Later today, Deb will return and we will paint the walls. The color for the walls is called Brushwood. Look for a photos of tonight's painting evolution soon!

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