Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 8: Mud, Tape and the Battle of the Bulge

Today much progress was made on the kitchen, though there was a slight set back. First, the good things. Jim taped and mudded a lot of the new dry wall. He also filled in some more dry wall where the pocket door will go. Here are a few photos:

Now for the set back. After Jim installed the dry wall to the ceiling, we noticed that there was a slight bulge along the one of the seams. Upon further investigation, Jim found that a non-load bearing joist in the ceiling needs a little tweeking. Tomorrow, Jim will work to minimize the bulge and then finish taping and mudding the rest of the dry wall. In preparation for next week, I started staining
the pocket door with the assistance of our friend Deb. We applied a couple of coast of stain to one side of the door, and tomorrow night we will stain the other side. Once that stain is completely dry, I will apply a couple coats of polyeurothane to give the door a finished look. I will also start staining and sealing the trim over the course of the next few days. Little by little, our new kitchen is starting to take shape.

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